Murali krishna

Dr. Murali Jammi’s message: Hair transplant or Hair restoration alone treats baldness  permanently in a safe and natural way.  Hair transplant can be done by two different techniques.

1. FUT/Strip (includes stitches , long linear scar, longer healing period & more post operative pain)

2. FUE/DHI (suture less ,no visible scar, faster healing , pain free and can shave your head in future )

FUE hair transplantation (stitch less) is the most advanced and least invasive hair transplant technique and usually 60 to 100 percent more costly than FUT worldwide. We exclusively practice FUE technique at all our centers at FUT prices.

People who consult us for hair transplant  mainly en quire about procedure cost, results, evidence and safety.we addressed  these points in  the following discussion. As Nellore is our home setup we operate at lowest  prices in Nellore. People can travel to Nellore with ease as it  is well connected to Chennai, Bangalore and  Hyderabad by train & bus.


We charge per each graft(2 hair/graft) as this is the most trusted way of charging world wide. send full head top & back photos to  muralijammi@gmail.com to know the total price.

Nellore:  30 rs/graft up to 2000 grafts ( 15/hair) there on 25 rs.( complete guidance in reaching and staying at Nellore will be provided on booking your surgical date)

Hyderabad:   Nellore pricing+ 12000 rs more irrespective of number of grafts advised.

Bangalore:  Nellore pricing+ 8000 rs more  irrespective of number of grafts( at our own surgical setup)

Bangalore – hospital setup: 60 rs/ graft.(marathalli)

*****OFFER:  10% discount on reserving a surgical date one month earlier & 15% discount if two months earlier.*****                               

 RESERVING FOR YOUR PROCEDURE:   DEPOSIT 5000 rs to doctors account.kindly call 7799841064 once you made payment for  date confirmation.

Doctor account details: j.murali krishna rao ,SBI, Sullurpet,Nellore Dt , Andhra pradesh.

Savings A/C No – 31988517253; Branch Code- 000773; IFSC Code – SBIN0000773.


  • 85-95% graft take up assured.
  • FUE is absolutely safe procedure unless patient has major medical illness.
  • Results are specific to each patient -depend on individual hair fiber thickness, hair density,donor availability, bald area need to cover.so highly advice to send head top& back photos to muralijammi@gmail.com to know pricing and possible result in your case. for complete information & realistic picture on hair transplant  visit patient education section.

3. WHY US:  

  • Proven track record for more than past 3 years.
  • Only clinic in India offering a trial procedure (250 grafts) for 10000 rs to clarify your doubts and concerns (only at nellore on prior payment )
  • Affordable pricing , realistic picture about results, direct interaction with doctor at all the times.
  • Exact graft count & capability to transplant up to 2500 FUE grafts in a single day.
  • Convenient appointments, no pressure tactics, just education ( we do not even make unnecessary calls to clients to choose us for their procedure )

 4. Am i right candidate for transplant:

Patients must meet following criteria to be eligible for transplant procedure

  • Age above 23 yrs
  • 4-5 finger width dense healthy  hair at backside of the head
  • No major health concerns( diabetes and B.P must be under control)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: PATIENTS WHO ARE WILLING TO ENROLL FOR SURGERY AFTER  CONSULTATION VISIT                                                                                   Before transplant PAGE  FOR COMPLETE GUIDANCE.