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1. Hello, I am Vineel working in USA. I have undergone hair transplant treatment( FUE method) by Dr. Murali Jammi and team at Metro Hair transplant Clinic, Nellore. I was skeptical about the hair transplant similar to many of you at some point of time might felt. my friend has introduced me to Dr.murali who is down to earth and soft spoken. the price offered by Dr.murali jammi was very much reasonable compared to many other places. i have visited number of hair transplant clinics in new Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. Metro hair transplant clinic may not be fancy compared to other corporate hospitals, but Dr.murali knows precisely what he is doing and will give the best results for you. I am very much happy about the out come of the treatment. Thank you very much Dr.murali. I would definitely recommend any one who is looking for hair transplant treatment to consult Dr.murali at Metro hairtransplant clinic. You cannot even image how you look after the treatment and definitely feel happy to see yourself after 8-9 months  of treatment. i will be happy to provide any suggestions from my experience. please feel free to contact me through whatsapp 205-587-8695.

2.hi this is mahesh here. ihave undergone hairtransplant by dr,murali at nellore. Results are very natural. my appearence changed a lot after this. i am recommned dr.murali – metrohairtransplant for those looking for hairtransplant.

can contact on whatsapp messaging only: +1(301)433-1845

3.i am Mr.giri working in usa as a software engineer. undergone hair restoration by dr.murali team. Results are good. Though the team is young they have good patience and skills. i recommend metro hair clinic to all who looking for hair transplant.

whatsapp messaging will be convenient:+1(224)241-0592



1. I am Abdul from Canada, done my procedure on Feb 5, 2015. The procedure turned out good more than my expectations. The vacation to India turned out good.Dr. Murali’s work is awesome and good at reasonable cost. I recommend Dr.Murali for his good service and work. Looking forward for next session soon to completely transform my personality.

                            ; whatsapp: 001-204-970-0083.

2.hi, this is girish. born in nellore and working in Canada. visited dr.murali clinic for hair transplant. Though initially had some hesitation  i decided to proceed after i spoke to mr.abdul. Results are as assured. Quite happy to choose him over other corporate kind of setups. doctor is bold and highly trust-able. i recommend  Dr.murali who are all looking for hair transplant.can answer queries on my whtasapp.

whatsapp number-001-416-305-8042

U.k – srilanka:*


 Feedback by Srilankan patient who was treated at Nellore center




1.( mr. suresh – belongs to rajahmundri , andhrapradesh- works in UAE- whatsapp contact number-8121460643)

hello mr suresh here. i had undergone an fut(strip) hair transplant procedure at a reputed clinic in hyderabad for frontal and top baldness correction. As the results were not satisfactory, i consulted dr murali for correction. doctor actually advised upto 3500 grafts for satisfactory results. But my donor offered only 2800 grafts approx in session 1.i am really happy with the results.Actually i feel i do not need session 2 . Thanks to the doctor murali and his team for their great job.i shared my pre and post procedure pictures.  all of you can find my pictures.

(patient pictures available at gallery page)


1. Hi, Ragavendra here. i work as a software engineer in bangalore. i have undergone hair transplant at metro hairtransplant by dr.murali team in 2015. i am quite happy with results and recommend metrohairtransplant who looking for hairtransplant.

                             contact me on : 9901288553 ( between 7-9 pm). photos in gallery.


Feedback by Mr.rahavenra after procedure

2.Dr. Murali & his entire team are very helpful, highly approachable, affordable, simple & down to earth. The clinic never recommends Strip method to its customers and does no hi-fi claims. The procedure was damn simple, safe and very effective with only one side effect i.e rise in one’s confidence ! Highly Recommended ! can contact me on 99005066392( as iam a bank employee call me at non working hours).whatsapp also available.- mr. siraj.

3.My self jason. i work for a national bank. i was referred to dr. murali by my colleague siraj. i got very satisfied results. My look changed a lot. many of friends complementing me now for this new look. thankful to dr.murali team for their genuine work. if you are one of the person looking for hair transplant you best visit doctor personally once before choosing a clinic. whatsapp number- 9845687918.(call me at non working hours) hair transplant. it’s good quality of hair transplantation. i’m fully satisfied. -nagesh – ph no-8880466449& 8970330605.

5.This is balakrishna.I did hair transplant in june 2017.result is very is my god. tq dr because my inferiority complex reduce so much.tq so much dr.- contact me whatsapp & call me on – 9965858827

6.Very good Service,i am happy to give 5 rating for this service, high quality result..!!- t.sreedhar reddy, Emmiganur, a.p – 9703003035( whatasapp available)

7.I was taken hair transplant from metro hair transplant at bangalore(Aug 2016) .Results were very good. Dr murali has done hair transplant well and he gave the guide lines after post hair for getting good results. Whatever transplanted hair, I got full density in my front side. I am very happy with results.- durga prasad-9538723319.

8.the best hairtransplant center- nothing else needs to be described. roshan- software- 9176503647 whatsapp available.

9. Hi Mr. kishore here. i have undergone procedure at metrohairtransplant. Post procedure is hassle free. no side effects. pricing is quite affordable. contact me on- 09848871490.

10.Hi every one. This is afzar here. I do business in bangalore.After taking feed back from past patints i took hairtransplant treatment . I am quite happy that the results are as assured. you can choose dr.murali clinic without a concern.

HAPPY TO HELP YOU.   AFZAR-09845418198.

11.I am a software professional working in bangalore. undergone hairtransplant treatment by dr.murali team.Results are good.No side effects. The best is you can contact doctor by phone at all the times.Highly recommend  metro hair transplant clinic for hair transplant.

sada siva – 8147525069 (whtasapp available) – preferred time of contact- evening after 5 p.m


12.Hi Sathish Here, I Work in Bangalore as a Software Professional.if looking for hair transplant you can choose metro transplant with out any doubts.they are doing good job at reasonable prices for fue transplant.

                CONTACT NO: 08147943248.(CALL ME ONLY EVENINGS 6-8 p.m)- photos in gallery.

13.”Hi manjunath here.Iam a software consultant in bangalore. I had two fut procedures in bangalore at two different the results are not expected decided to undergo one more fue transplant session.after extensive search i found dr.murali clinic.results quite good and much better than my previous sessions. this is right place for those who looking for transplants.

 contact me on 09845888861.”

14. Hello samba here, after searching online and inquiring past patients i choose dr.murali team for my transplant. quite happy with their work.

SAMBA- CONTACT ME ON-09019247666(call me between 7-9 p.m only)

15.Hello sarth reddy here. Myself a builder in bangalore. i have undergone my hair restoration at metro clinic. Quite happy with outcome. facial profile changed a lot.

 Whats-App CONTACT-09341451116.

16. Hi chaitanya here. i had an fut procedure at reputed center in the past. as not satisfied with outcome , consults dr.murali for fue procdure. fue results turnout very good than my past session. i appreciate their work.

call me on 09886366099.( only evenings)

17.Hello Anath here. i have undergone a fue procedure at metro clinic after referred by my friend. results are good.

CONTACT ME ON 0 9972912912 (WHATSAPP PREFERRED). self a software professional working in bangalore. underwent hair transpalnt by dr.murali team at bangalore. results are awesome. no side effects. the best part is you can contact doctor over phone or messages to get clarified your doubts after procedure. it is difficult to find a patient friendly doctor like him. highly recommend him for hair transplant procedures.


Feedback by Mr.raju before second session


Chennai- Tamilnadu:

  1. sreenivasan here. after extensive online search over years found dr.murali clinic accidentally. i chose to undergo procedure as the price is quite affordable compare to chennai. i travelled to nellore to get it done.Had a good experience. thay transplanred more than 2500 grafts on day one. transplanting that many units in a day is really tough task. After procedure i felt i have chosen right clinic.After 5 months after procedure i felt their work is beyond my expectations.results are so natural, i can say international standard. Getting this sort of results for that low pricing is truly amazing. i strongly advise all tamilnadu guys who searching for hairtransplant, this is the place you have been searching. stop searching here in chennai. its impossible to find this sort of team here in chennai. only way to realize is to undergo the procedure and share your experience like me. all the best.

contact me on- 09003098527- only between 7-9 p.m.(whatsapp will be convnient)

Feedback by Srinivasan after procedure at Nellore center

patient pics can find at gallery.


  1. hello this is Navraj from chennai. i work at kalpakam nuclear reactor.  i took two hair transplant sessions at dr.murali. There  is no need to search for other clinics. this is it … the best team for fue transplant.

coantact me on – 09626199766- ( whatsapp preferred as my duties rotate weekly)


  1. prakash- i found dr.murali clinic in google search.Though initially having few hesitations due to language barriers today now i am here to provide my testimonials to guide people like me. dr.murali is highly reliable and genuine.

contact me on- 09840985514.(evenings preferred)

  1. viswanath- mustache correction- 9741454564- contactime 5p.m- 6p.m .


  1. Hi this is jayaprakash from tamil nadu.i work in police departmnt. i travelled to bangalore to get my hair transplant done. those who visit this site can blindly choose dr.murali. you can get genuine work at very affordable price

whatsapp me on .-08695299788.

  1. Bitto here, I stay in Chennai. I found dr.murali clinic in the internet. After talking to doctor with some hesitation I undergone hairtgransplant by dr.murali team at neloore , andhrapradesh. After experiencing their work and my results I am so confident that you can simply choose their clinic without hesitation. and I am sure its worthy to travel as it is permanent procedure.

Feel free to contact me on 09865114541.

  1. hi this is ramachandran from kaveripatnam. i have undergone 1000 graft session at dr.murali clinic in bangalore. i referred few of of my relatives already. All of us got good results.

contact me on – 9894379502

  1. i belongs to tamilnadu. work as a software professional working in bangalore. underwent hair transpalnt by dr.murali team at bangalore. results are awesome. no side effects. the best part is you can contact doctor over phone or messages to get clarified your doubts after procedure. it is difficult to find a patient friendly doctor like him. highly recommend him for hair transplant procedures.raju-09740626262.



1. This is Hruday here. I stay at Nellore. I restored my sides by dr.murali at Nellore. I recommend his clinic for their advanced stichless hair transplant.  Results are good. No side effects.

.                                                                   –call me on:08885888878.

2.Hi, Myself Wesly here. My Brother has undergone Procedure by Dr.Murali Here. Results are quite good.


3.Hi, This is Anand From Nellore. I have undergone transplant by Dr.Murali In 2012. I got good result. No Side Effects. I’m Thankful to Dr.Murali For your procedure.

Call Me:- 09440740928.

4. Hello this is Ram Mohan Singh from Kavali. i corrected my baldness at ,metro hair transplant in nellore. they have done nice job. highly trustable. very happy to help those who looking for transplant.

Contact me on- 8142861578

5. Hello Vijay here. Myself a Teacher at Naidupeta. I Have undergone 2 sessions at Dr. Murali Clinic. Results are very good and I Have recommended to my friends also.

Contact Me -09491340558.

6. Dr.Kiran -M.D (Pediatrician)











7.Dr. SathyaNarayana M.D (General physician)





8. Dr.Dinesh- M.D(General physician- Apollo)












9. Dr.RajaMohan Reddy  -D.N.B ( Chief Anesthetist -Simhapuri)










10. Dr. Bharath -D.N.B (Radiologist)-i got very good results by Dr.Murali team. can message me by whats app those who looking for any information.kindly no calls as i will be busy with work.

                                              7033639538( whats app messaging only).

11. mr. prasad opinion who treated at nellore




1.I am Abdul from Canada, native of Hyderabad ,done my procedure on Feb 5, 2015. The procedure turned out good more than my expectations. The vacation to India turned out good.

Dr. Murali’s work is awesome and good at reasonable cost. I recommend Dr.Murali for his good service and work. Looking forward for next session soon to completely transform my personality.

                             ; whats-app: 001-204-970-0083.

2.Hello, Mr.Afzar here. i work as manager in dell hardware unit in Hyderabad. i was referred to dr.murali by my fellow employees.  this center is highly trustable and affordable prices as well.

contact me on -08106610001( bt. 11a.m -12p.m) for queries.

3.Hello, Stalin here. i work for asus company in Hyderabad. i restored my front bald area by dr.murali team. after 6 months nobody able to make out that it is a transplant. results are very natural.

Contact  me on – 09032856531

4. Hi, Subramanyam here. i undergone transplant by Dr.Murali. results are good.

Call Me:-7386111585.

5.Hi, This is Ramesh. I’m From Hyderabad. I traveled to nellore for my Hair Transplant. Results are outstanding.Happy to answers to your Queries on

Contact No:- 9160746666.     5-7 p.m only










6.Hi, Myself Ramu here, i work in Hyderabad.  i had two sessions by Dr.Murali here. no side effects. no stitches and scar. can travel on same day.results are good..

  Contact No:- 09966776664

7. Hello, Rakesh here. i have undergone two sessions by Dr.Murail team to cover my front and top areas. i am quite happy with results. hair transplant changed my appearance completely.

can answer you doubts on- 9440776459 ( evening 6-9 p.m).


8.Hi Mynuddin here. I work in Hyderabad .i advanced my hairline at metro hair transplant clinic. i recommend this clinic.

Contact me :- 9959956103


Tirupati- Chitoor:

1. Dr.bhaskar, m.d , asst. professor, s,v university.


can contact me on 08790245646-  between 4-6 p.m










2. Hi Dr. mohan rao M.D here . my self a physician here. i have undergone fue transplant by dr.murali here. highly recommend his clinic for hairtransplant procedures.

Dr. mohanrao,tirupathi,general              (bt. 8:00pm-9:00pmonly)


3. Hi mr. kishore here. i have undergone procedure at metrohairtransplant. post procedure is hassle free. no side effects. pricing is quite affordable. contact me on- 9848871490

4.  Hi this is chandra. i work in police department. two sessions done by dr.murali. results are excellent. no problems faced. best clinic for hairtransplant. contact no:  09000700326

Feedback by chandra mohan reddy who treated at Nellore center

Feedback by chandra mohan reddy- session 1 results

Vijayawada- guntur- ongole:

1. hi this is sambasiva rao. i work at bapatla. i travelled to nellore metro clinic to get operated. results are good highly trustablre and genuine place for hairtranplant.More over they are practicing advanced stitchlss fue technique only.

contact me on -9490083431(whatapp available) -preferred time to contact after 5pm in the evening.

2. hi this is praveen. i work at guntur. i got operated by dr.murali team at nellore. i was referred to dr by my friend. very trustable clinic if you are looking for hair transplant.

contact me on:9396740122 – (whatapp available) -preferred time to contact after 5pm in the evening.

3. hi satish here. i belongs to vijayawada. i work at bangalore. i got operated by dr.murali at nellore.after seing the results i recommended many of my friends to this clinic.

contact me on-CONTACT NO: 08147943248.(CALL ME  b.t 6-8 p.m)- photos in gallery.

4. hi samba here. i belongs to guntur and work at bangalore. many of my friends got operated at nellore clinic.  i also opted same clinic . it is the best center for hairtransplant.

contact no: 09019247666(call me between 7-9 p.m only)

5. hi this is rambabu. i work for army. i got treated by dr.murali at nellore clinic. highly satisfied. we can contact doctor all the times. i recommend his clinic for hair transplant procedures.

whatsapp messaging only :7055959533

6. Mastan here. i belongs to guntur. i found on google search. i did lot of research before opting this clinic as my past procedure at guntur was a total failure and waste of money. i undergone procedure my 2nd session at nellore clinic for correction.They have best can happily choose their clinic.

call me on:7842326805


Vizag- Kakinada-Orissa:

1:hi ramesh here. i belongs to kakinada. i work at hyderabad. i travelled to nellore as the reviews are good and price is affordable. results are quiet good. i referred man of colleagues too.

contact no:+233261954798 & 9160746666

2. hi vasu here . i work at vizag. i done my procedure at nellore. it is worthy enough to travel.highly recommend his clinic.

cont no:9985689376

3.  ” This is dr. sreenivsula reddy here. i work at kakinada. i have undergone transplant at metrohairtransplant nellore. results are quite convincing. They are technically sound i would recommend their team to any body without hesitation” .contact me on 09966525865. 6-8p.m.

4.Hi this is suneel from beejapur. i travelled to nellore to get operated. i recommend dr.murali team to all who want to do hairtransplants. -09535818986.6-8p.m


1.This is dr. sreenivsula reddy here. i belongs to pulivendula. i have undergone transplant at metrohairtransplant nellore. results are quite convincing. They are technically sound i would recommend their team to any body without hesitation” .contact me on 09966525865. 6-8p.m.

2.hi dr,reddy here, belongs to kadapa. highl satisfied with dr.murali work feel free to contact for information on-09618998994

3. hi dr.sudhakar here, i belongs to karnool. i recommend dr,murali for hairtransplant.

4. Hello karun here. I am from rajampeta. I have undergone hairtransplant by dr.murali. did a nice job. Quite happy to get corrected by baldness. I am happy I shaved my head couple of times . 09052375847


1. I traveled to Nellore 2 times to restore my front thinning. Very affordable and flexible.

Chandu Warangal-09573389933.

2. HI , abhishek here , I have hairtransplantation by dr.murali team . quite reasonable in pricing. Results are good . you can choose him without any concerns. – 09739876463.(only in the evenings)-WARANGAL.