Procedure Details


Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where your own hair grafts from the back of your head transplanted to the bald area. it is highly technique sensitive,laborious and expensive procedure.if performed well hair transplant can offer a life time solution to the transplant can be done by fut/strip or fue procedure. fue is quite safe and cosmetically pleasing technique than fut you can find full details about both techniques and their comparison at Fue vs Fut page in this website. here we provide all the necessary information that one usually seeks before their procedure except an in depth comparison between both techniques.

  • Operating time: 1 or 2 days. or 7 hrs for 2000 fue grafts.
  • Only one visit is all that needed. no need for followup as it is quite safe and successful procedure.
  • Only people having dense hair on the back of their head are eligible candidates.
  • Each person gets only limited grafts in life time depending on their donor density. so no two people get same results.
  • Apart from surgeons work , donor density & hair fiber thickness determines the results.
  • The grafts extracted from the back do not grow back in that area. so it will cause permanent loss of your donor hair if your procedure fails. select your surgeon carefully.
  • Patients with initial hair thinning and active hair fall better postpone their procedure until they reach a stable condition.
  • Full head zero trim is must with all cases except trial procedure and it must be done by us few minutes before starting your procedure.
  • It takes 7-8 months to get final result irrespective of the surgeon who operates.
  • Aware about pricing – check if the center charging for hair follicle or graft. as each graft contains approx, two hair.
  • Patients can cut their hair & shave their head 2 months following procedure.
  • We use worlds thinnest blades for undetectable transplantation of hair grafts.
  • Transplantation procedure do not depend on  corporate set up  looks but  depend on surgeon skill and your donor hair quality & number.
  • It is unlikely that 100% of the transplanted hair regrow. if any center assure 100% survival probably they are lying to you. 5 -10% loss is inevitable at all clinics.
  • Few centers advertise that fut is better than fue as fut graft transection rate is low and much permanent result can be achieved with fut alone. now a days fue equipment has advanced a lot that it can comparable to fut in all sections and clearly superior to fut in safety& cosmetics.
  • Trail offer helps you in get rid of your concerns and enhance your trust in us.
  • We never call back to our clients to choose us as we strongly feel each person will have his own thoughts and opinions. we respect them a lot. we only suggest  to think once are there any reasons in not choosing us?.if you find we are pleased to hear and correct.
  • We do not burden you with hidden charges.
  • It is quiet convenient to travel nellore from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad as it well connected by trains and buses. it is safe and economic city to stay.
  • Do not trust in stem cell therapies ,prp injections etc as they are not U.S.A- F.D.A approved and no proven  results.
  • All the medical treatments regarding hair fall and regrowth are temporary(you enjoy benefits as long as you use them) and are only partially successful.but hair transplant stays for longer periods of your life.
  • Patients can travel safely alone after procedure.
  • It is better to have a time gap of 2-3 months between two consecutive sessions.


Both F.U.E & F.U.T techniques involves transplanting hair grafts from the back of the head to the bald areas surgically for permanent correction. Both the techniques differ only in the process of collecting hair grafts from the back of the head. Fut involves cutting  the skin & suturing and may leave a long linear scar after healing. Whereas fue does not require suturing and cutting and leaves no visible scar after healing. Read the following table and watch the videos to understand both the techniques well.


                                                             FUE hairtransplant donor harvesting 


                                    day1                                                                                                   day 7

                                                     FUT/STRIP harvesting donor region

                     day1                                                         after 5 weeks

1 . FUE harvesting:


2. Healing after fue surgery


FUE – STRIP Technique Comparison Table:





 Pain after the procedure  Minor  None
 Percent of time the doctor    operates on the client  10-30%  80-90%
 Stitches required  Yes  No
 Extensive bleeding during or    after the procedure  May occur  No
 Wearing hairstyle short in    the donor area  Not possible  Possible
 Natural results  Possibly  Yes
 Nerve damage, numbness,    permanent pain  Possibly  No
 Healing Time: donor area  Months  Aprox. 7 days
 Healing Time: recipient area  Approx. 14 days  10-14 days
 Recovery time needed    before exercise is possible  1-2 months  1 -2 week
 Amount of time after which    client may return to work  1-4 weeks  Possible the day after procedure